This is How to Safely Start Business Travel

Video: How to Get Back to Business Travel Safely In our recent survey, the majority of travel managers said they expect business travel to resume at their organization by September. During this discussion, get the information you need to safely restart your travel program and prepare your travelers for getting back on the road.
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Media Strategies in the Travel & Tourism Industry


Does getting people on a plane, train, or in a car to spend their time and money on your destination, seem daunting? We can help!Here’s an opportunity to pick the brains of colleagues from the Frisco CVB, Ryan Callison and Wesley Lucas. Leave with actionable insights as the Frisco CVB share know-how from years of experience in media outreach. Hear examples from Ryan and Wesley of successful campaigns they've lead to promote events, attractions, and hotels.
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3 reasons why you need managed travel


Curious about the benefits of moving to a managed travel program? Moderately managed travel programs can cut 10-12 percent of travel costs and strongly managed programs can save 20 percent or more. In this webinar, we discuss how you can save time and money and keep your employees safe and happy by partnering with a travel management company.
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Return to Travel – Balancing the Needs of Your Travelers with Cost Savings

As the world slowly recovers, companies are looking for safer, easier and more cost-effective ways to manage all their business travel needs, while still giving travelers more flexibility as their preferences shift. Register now for this BTN Group In the Know webinar, with content sponsored and developed by for Business as the panel discusses ways that companies are adapting to an ever-changing travel landscape
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What Happens Next? Travel and Tourism Marketing after Lockdown


As lockdowns begin to lift across several regions and provinces in Canada, what will the return to tourism look like? In this webinar, we discuss strategic marketing and what happens next for the travel and tourism industry.
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