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I discovered the most amazing way to travel for discount prices and stay in 5 star resorts, how to get free airline tickets and rental cars and I'm sharing it all on Sunday at 9pm -- its like Costco or Sam's class for travel but even better.
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Global airlines are investing heavily in connected travel to deliver more convenience, control and connected experiences. Learn what will it take to build the mobile airport of tomorrow.


Fast insights for travel and hospitality

Market Logic Software

Euromonitor’s Head of Travel & Tourism Research shared the latest trends facing the Travel & Hospitality industry and how to harness digital disruption for success. Market Logic then showed smart ways AI can help you to stay on top of it all.
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The Future of Travel and Expense


Is one of your organization’s New Year’s resolutions to improve how you manage travel and expenses? If so, you’re not alone.Watch this webinar to learn more about:The current travel and expense market landscape,Future-looking trends to keep an eye on this year and beyond,Key considerations when selecting travel and expense management solutions
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How Travelers Are Booking Experiences in Destinations


Watch the full webinar below to hear about the above, and how destination marketing and management organizations can collaborate with TripAdvisor.
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6 Ways to Save Money on Business Travel


While corporations have intensified the focus on traveler satisfaction in managed travel programs, savings remains a top priority. What are the best ways to drive savings in managed travel and what are some of the innovative new practices to stretch travel dollars? Listen as travel managers and an industry consultant share their tips during this 60-minute BTN Group thought-leadership webinar, sponsored by TripActions.
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