Travel Intelligence: Utilizing data to enhance journeys and shape experiences

To win in the online travel space, agencies must show customers that they are valued and treat them personally.This all starts with the right data.With Travelport’s data capabilities you can gather insights from across the traveler lifecycle and deliver a relevant, personalized service that matches the individual's needs and desires.Tune in to learn about Travelport’s data vision and how to use data to shape your customer engagements and drive business growth.
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How to cater for business travellers and the corporate market at your hotel


As global business travel continues to grow and diversify hotels face more challenges than ever to meet the specific needs of business travellers. Given that more women and millennials are undertaking business travel, a one-size fits all approach to marketing and distribution will no longer work.It’s more important than ever for hotels to develop focused strategies to engage business travellers.
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Is Traveler Engagement Really Worth the Effort?

BCD Travel

Changing traveler behavior is never easy. So why bother? There's good reason. Get your travelers engaged to increase traveler satisfaction and hotel savings. In this “In The Know” webinar, sponsored and developed by BCD Travel, you’ll hear what actions program managers can take to drive traveler engagement. Hear first-hand how the travel team at Ingersoll Rand grew engagement, which ultimately resulted in a 28 percent increase in hotel-to-trip-night bookings. Ask your own questions of our expert panel during the live Q&A.
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Cruising the Caribbean & Bahamas


If you've ever dreamed of cruising the Bahamas and Caribbean, this webinar is for you. Discover one of the world's greatest adventures- the thousands of islands in this tropical paradise. Learn to plan your Caribbean cruise, what to expect, and how to prepare with hosts Ed Tillett, Matt Claiborne, and Mark Bunzel with our cosponsor, Waterway Guide.
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The essentials for sustainable business travel

How you can improve the sustainability of your travel program Best practices you can easily introduce in your program’s strategy How to engage your travelers to make sustainable choices
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