Vacations By Rail

Enjoy an overview of these historic railways and Vacations By Rail’s new and popular autumn rail trips in the USA and Canada. This webinar will inspire new fall vacation ideas and give you the knowledge and tools to sell rail vacations with confidence and make this unique travel style a part of your business.
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Experience Macao Webinar

Online Experiences

Macao Government Tourism Office markets Macao internationally. Macao is the epicentre of glitz and glamour in the eastern part of the world. This truly world-class city has a lot to offer to Indian travellers – from a rich culture and buzzing nightlife to delectable cuisine and adventure sports. Macao presents a unique blend of Cantonese culture juxtaposed with elements of European heritage. Macao has a beautiful hybrid culture of Asia and Europe that is ingrained in all aspects of life. This culture is the very reason that Macao offers unique experiences you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Experience Macao Webinar is scheduled for 11th December 2018. The webinar will introduce audience to a gamut of things and places to Experience Macao your own style.
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Music. Travel. Sustainability.The New Rhythm of Business Travel

How the music industry will achieve the 2030 sustainability goals and what every business can learn from that; Artist-led, science-backed, and results-oriented action points for greener and safer travel; How the industry prepares for the return of travel;
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Traveler Customer Service: What Do Travelers Want?

Air Canada

What do travelers really want from their corporate travel departments, suppliers, travel management companies (TMCs) and technology? Travel managers from some of the most demanding travel programs--think high-tech, younger travelers, ultimate road warriors--highlight how they’re transforming their programs and meeting or exceeding traveler expectations during this free 60-minute webinar, sponsored by Air Canada.
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Ready for take off

What United Airlines and IHG are doing to simplify business travel What opportunities lie ahead for United Airlines for growth and new routes as skies open up again How IHG is expanding their network to support the return of business travel How customer experience continues to drive innovation
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