Autumn Conference

What does the future hold for the travel industry? ? We have been living in uncertain times. The pandemic has been disastrous for the travel industry as countries have shut their borders and, where travel has been allowed, draconian isolation and testing regimes have been introduced. Nuggets of good news such as a particular destination opening up to UK travellers have been nullified by Government’s changes of heart, causing disruption for travel companies and travellers alike. However, it seems that the pandemic is starting to wind down and that COVID-19 will become just another virus we learn to live with, like flu or the common cold. It is time to look forward to the future.  We are either going to return to normal or, more likely, a new normal.  Companies and organisations across all sectors of the travel industry will be examining when and how they can return to profitability, perhaps looking for opportunities to make their businesses more efficient - lowering overheads - and more effective - better at reaching out to potential customers. How this might pan out is hard to discern. It will depend to a great extent on consumer and corporate confidence to once again book holidays or embark on business trips. Whilst no one can predict what the future holds for the travel industry, those with long-standing experience and expertise in  travel have the knowledge needed to better see into the future.  Some will have seen the industry in recession previously and learnt valuable lessons.  Others will have a deep understanding of how technology can be applied to increase profitability. With this in mind, TTI has assembled a group of speakers that can talk with authority on where the industry is heading. Attend TTI’s Autumn conference and learn for yourself about Travel Futures.



Nordic Travel Fair

January 19-21, 2024 | Finland

Being the largest travel conference in Northern Europe and the Baltic Region, Matka attracts over 1000 exhibitors annually. These exhibitors travel to Finland from more than 80 different countries, allowing for a diverse crowd. The conference is open to the public and trade buyers, with two days solely dedicated to the professionals.

Travel & Adventure Show

January 13-14, 2024 | USA

The Travel and Adventure Shows are a series of exhibits that take place across the USA. So American visitors have the option to catch the business travel conferences closest to them. Discover new travel destinations across the globe, and take the chance to rub shoulders with some big travel celeb names. These travel events bring tourism businesses and the public together.

The Lodging Conference 2023

September 18-21, 2023 | USA

The Lodging Conference is one of the leading hotel industry events in the world. Over the past 28 years, tens of thousands of high-powered hotel owners and executives from around the globe have participated. This event brings together the hotel industry's most influential owners, operators, presidents, CEOs, investors, and dealmakers to strategize about development, finance, franchising, management, construction, design, and operations. With three days of continuous opportunities to network, gourmet food, leisure activities, a casual dress code and atmosphere, and a who's who of senior-level industry developers and executives in attendance, it's no surprise that our attendees say they make more contacts and initiate more deals at The Lodging Conference than at any other industry event. In 2022, TLC was the largest industry conference in the world with over 2500 in attendance

Fitur — International Tourism Trade Fair

January 24-28, 2024 | Spain

The tourism industry is a major driver of global and local economy. In addition, it has the potential to improve the quality of life of communities. Through the selected challenge, in FiturNext, sponsored by CAF, development bank of Latin America, we look for best practices that can have positive effects on communities, groups and populations who did not previously benefit from this activity.