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CardFree Launches CardFree Concierge Designed to Create Seamless Digital Hotel Experience

CardFree | May 18, 2022

CardFree Launches CardFree
CardFree launches CardFree Concierge, a full suite of solutions from geo-location for poolside ordering to enhanced in-room ordering. The solution is specifically tailored to deliver a superior guest experience while taking the strain off of employees through digital connectivity. CardFree is an all-in-one platform empowering businesses to create customized order, pay, and loyalty solutions.

CardFree has been working with various creative hotels to encourage this new customer experience, both in-room and onsite, with products like charge-to-room, loyalty integration, remote ordering anywhere on-premise with geo-location capabilities, and order and pay at the table solutions. The Concierge has resulted in an ordering increase of over 60 percent for the hotels implemented to date.

CardFree Concierge is more than just an application; it's a customized suite of digital solutions to ensure a consistently high-quality client experience. For example, geo-location ordering enables consumers to place orders from the pool, the lobby, or any other designated area, guaranteeing that a hotel employee can locate the client for delivery. Guests, who like to get room service? CardFree Concierge allows in-room ordering by mobile phone without an app. CardFree Concierge also provides:

  • Multi-unit menu management.
  • Loyalty connections.
  •  Catering and event management.
  •  Self-directed kiosks for hotel restaurants and bars.

Pankaj Khanna, VP of Digital Product and Tech at Great Wolf Lodge, said, Through CardFree Concierge, we've been able to address critical food ordering scenarios and introduce innovative guest-friendly options like order-to-room, order ahead, and QR code ordering where guests have the option to either pay through their phone or charge it to their room. We've also seen improvements in our customer and employee satisfaction levels with the integration of self-serve kiosks designed for intuitive ordering


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Richard Sandoval Hospitality Partner KOPU Water for Sustainability

Richard Sandoval Hospitality | September 15, 2023

Richard Sandoval Hospitality, a leading restaurant group and KOPU Water, a quality-driven bottled water brand, have announced a collaboration to offer guests the best-tasting and healthiest spring water. This partnership focuses on providing environmentally friendly alternatives to glass bottle waste through aluminum recycling, promoting a zero-waste bottled water program. KOPU's Aluminum Stewardship program ensures that aluminum material is repurposed into various products within 60 days, reducing waste and supporting sustainability efforts. Richard Sandoval expressed that with KOPU Water's supply chain, heavy glass bottles, which had previously traveled globally and ended up in landfills, were being eliminated. He emphasized their commitment to positively impacting local communities and considered it a perfect match. KOPU spring & sparkling bottled water boasts an award-winning taste and comes in sleek and elegant aluminum bottles. This program collects all aluminum cans in addition to empty bottles, ensuring responsible recycling and sustainable practices. Richard Sandoval, renowned as the world's most prolific Mexican chef and restaurateur with over 60 restaurants globally, is driven by a commitment to doing the right thing for his guests, team members, local communities, and the planet. Richard Sandoval Hospitality will serve KOPU water in the US and have a weekly bottle pick-up and recycling program. The James Beard Foundation hosted an exclusive dinner and conversation to launch this groundbreaking partnership. The CEO of the James Beard Foundation, Clare Reichenbach, and Chef Richard Sandoval emphasized the alignment of their values and initiatives, marking a significant step toward a more sustainable future for the hospitality sector. With an ambitious goal of eliminating 100 tons of landfill waste annually, Richard Sandoval Hospitality and KOPU Water are committed to nurturing and expanding their symbiotic partnership, showcasing exceptional leadership in shaping a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future for the hospitality industry. About Richard Sandoval Hospitality Richard Sandoval Hospitality, a leading restaurant group founded by the renowned Mexican-born chef, restaurateur, television personality, and philanthropist Richard Sandoval. Renowned for delivering guests an exceptional culinary journey, this globally acclaimed contemporary Latin restaurant group operates and owns a portfolio of over 60 restaurant concepts worldwide. It boasts restaurant locations across 10 states and the District of Columbia in the United States. Additionally, the company has a strong international presence, with establishments in 10 countries, including Canada, Costa Rica, Greece, Mexico, Morocco, Qatar, Serbia, St. Kitts, Turkey, and the UAE.

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Context Travel Introduces Audio Guides for Immersive Travel Adventures

Context Travel | September 22, 2023

Context Travel, a leader in travel experiences, is set to revolutionize how globetrotters connect with culturally diverse destinations across the globe. The company is excited to introduce its innovative line of Audio Guides, designed to offer an enriched and interactive travel encounter. Several distinguishing characteristics of Context Travel's Audio Guides set them apart in travel. Firstly, these guides are GPS-enabled, ensuring that audio tours automatically play based on the traveler's location, even offline. This functionality allows travelers to fully engage with their surroundings while immersing themselves in the local culture. Secondly, the self-paced nature of these guides empowers travelers to explore destinations at their convenience without feeling rushed. The engaging commentary adds insight and context to their journey, enhancing their overall experience. Lastly, their foundation in expertise sets Context Travel's Audio Guides apart. Drawing from the vast network of seasoned guides, these audio companions offer an insider's perspective and captivating narratives, providing travelers with a unique and insightful way to connect with their chosen destination. Context Travel is ushering in a new era of immersive travel exploration with these features. Context Travel is offering a promotion for early adopters to commemorate the launch of Audio Guides. Travelers can receive 50% off their first audio guide purchase with the promo code CONTEXT50. Context Travel's dedication to delivering exceptional and educational travel experiences is exemplified through its storied legacy of expert-led tours. These journeys have allowed travelers to gain profound insights into the realms of history, art, archaeology, gastronomy, and culture, all under the guidance of distinguished scholars in their respective fields. With the launch of its innovative Audio Guides, Context Travel takes a significant stride forward in expanding its mission. By making these enriching experiences more accessible to a broader audience, the company solidifies its position as a trailblazer in immersive and insightful travel. This evolution underscores their unwavering commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of the world's cultural treasures for future generations. About Context Travel Context Travel is an expert-led digital and travel experiences platform dedicated to enriching global understanding of cultural heritage. The company pairs explorers with enthusiastic experts who offer insights that surpass the conventional. Holding B Corporation certification since 2011, it underscores its commitment to extraordinary and sustainable tourism. Travelers have various options, including private or small group walking tours, pre-trip lectures, or engaging audio guides, all aimed at advancing Context Travel's mission to ignite a passion for cultural exploration.

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RVshare Announces ChatGPT Plug-in to Redesign Travel Planning

RVshare | September 20, 2023

RVshare, the premier community for RV owners and renters, has unveiled an innovative ChatGPT plug-in, revolutionizing travel planning within the RVshare ecosystem. This cutting-edge technology serves as a virtual travel agent, ushering in a new era of personalized and seamless RV adventure planning for travelers. With a commitment to enhancing the user experience, this innovative solution caters to the diverse needs of its thriving RV community. In addition, it promises to redefine how travelers prepare for their journeys, offering a level of customization and convenience poised to elevate the RVshare experience. Melissa Turner Fortenberry, CPO at RVshare, said, "RVshare's ChatGPT plug-in marks a significant milestone in our commitment to creating exceptional experiences for our renters and owners." [Source – Cision PR Newswire] By leveraging the capabilities of AI technology, the company offers travelers exceptional support and guidance, guarantees that they can embark on an unforgettable and fulfilling RV journey, added Melissa. With this new plug-in, RVshare offers a range of remarkable capabilities, including: Tailored RV Options: ChatGPT utilizes information from the extensive RVshare community to provide personalized RV rental options that precisely match each individual's preferences, interests, and travel histories. Effortless Booking: Travelers can search for their ideal RV directly within the conversation, streamlining the procedure and minimizing friction. Instant Assistance: RVshare's ChatGPT plug-in provides near-instant responses to inquiries. Whether your questions revolve around rental availability, pricing, or specific RV features, ChatGPT delivers comprehensive answers with accompanying photos. Natural Language Conversations: The ChatGPT plug-in creates a connection akin to seeking advice from a fellow RV enthusiast. The system's exceptional language comprehension ensures effortless interactions. RVshare's ChatGPT plug-in signifies a transformative milestone for RV enthusiasts. It harnesses the prowess of artificial intelligence to offer an intelligent conversational assistant that caters to every traveler's distinct requirements. This innovative tool is poised to revolutionize RV travel planning, catering to novices and seasoned explorers alike. Users can access recommendations based on RV's extensive inventory and historical search data by typing in natural queries such as 'What RVs are available to rent near the Grand Canyon next weekend?'. This advanced feature makes RV travel more accessible, enjoyable, and user-centric than ever before. About RVshare RVshare, a leading online hub for RV renters and owners, offers a wide-ranging inventory of rental vehicles throughout the United States. Its diverse selection includes luxury motorhomes and cozy camper vans, accommodating various outdoor adventures, be it a weekend camping trip or an extensive cross-country exploration of national parks. RVshare empowers travelers to embark on their RV journeys independently or arrange for campsite delivery, experiencing the liberating essence of RV travel. With an impressive record of over 4 million nights booked under the open skies, families and groups can partake in extraordinary journeys, crafting indelible memories that endure for generations.

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Discover the World Teams with BermudAir to Enhance US Travel Trade

Discover the World | September 25, 2023

BermudAir, the revolutionary all-business class airline headquartered in Bermuda, has partnered with Discover the World to enhance its presence and sales in the USA travel trade sector. This collaboration aims to introduce trade partners to the innovative airline, which will operate direct flights from New York's Westchester County Airport (HPN), Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), and Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) to Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA). These newly established routes provide travelers from these cities and neighboring areas with increased access to Bermuda, offering a premium travel option with an approximate flight duration of two hours. With a unique all-business class configuration on its Embraer 175 aircraft, BermudAir ensures up to 30 passengers experience the epitome of premium travel. Titus Johnson, Commercial Director at BermudAir, said, BermudAir has chosen to partner with Discover the World in the USA because of their deep knowledge and reach among the travel trade. In addition, they have the agility and resources to support BermudAir as we increase frequencies and future destinations. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] BermudAir acknowledges Discover the World's extensive expertise, dedication, and commitment to business development, which are crucial for ensuring the prosperity of this new partnership, expressed Aiden Walsh, Head of Airline Development. Additionally, BermudAir recognizes the pivotal role the travel trade industry will play in its future success. Aiden Walsh further mentioned that Discover the World has assembled an exceptional team, eagerly anticipating the implementation of their strategy to facilitate BermudAir's success. As BermudAir takes bold steps to solidify its presence in the airline industry, the strategic partnership with Discover the World is a testament to its commitment to effectively engaging the USA travel trade market. BermudAir's expansion plan includes launching direct flights from major US cities, marking a significant development, granting travelers seamless access to Bermuda and redefining the air travel experience. In addition, travelers can easily book their flights directly via BermudAir's official website, simplifying the reservation process and ensuring accessibility to a wider audience. About Discover the World Discover the World is the industry leader in global travel distribution and services. Discover is trusted by the leading brands in the travel industry to fulfill their global sales, marketing, business processing, and distribution requirements. The company continues to be the foremost innovator in the travel industry, at the forefront of assisting travel companies to expand beyond their network, resources, or core competencies. It helps bridge the gap between diverse cultures, languages, economies, currencies, and complex business practices to maximize our clients' investment and revenue returns.

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