Shaping the hotel’s commercial needs post Covid

Shaping the hotel’s
Shaping the hotel’s commercial needs post Covid Hospiality industry panel by Revenue Forum with industry experts from Oaky, OTA Insight, RateGain, IDeaS, and Demand Calendar.
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Exodus’ Secrets to Selling Hiking and Cycling in Europe

The Travelweek Learning Center

Learn the secrets to selling in the active travel sector from the experts at Exodus Travels. 43 years of experience means they have lots of tips to share. From leisurely cycling through French Vineyards to the summit of Mont Blanc, we believe that Europe is best experienced on two feet or two wheels!
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The Journey Towards Sustainable Business Travel

There are few more urgent priorities for corporates right now than cutting their carbon emissions and, for many, that means targeting business travel as part of a wider mitigation strategy. Following the recent publication of BTN Europe’s Journey Towards Sustainable Business Travel report, join us to learn about the most effective steps organisations can take to reduce the environmental impact of their business travel activity. From travel reduction tactics and the pros and cons of carbon offsetting and sustainable aviation fuel, to implementing internal carbon taxes and budgets, join us to learn from the experts – no matter where you are on your own sustainable business travel journey.
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Reshaping Hotel Booking Experience by Vervotech &

Hotel bookings have seen a tremendous rise and travelers are demanding more than ever a fast display of rich options in accommodation and organized, quality content for them to choose from. These arduous needs of modern travelers can easily be solved with the right travel technology, mapping solutions and quality content.
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Keen to get down to Australia?

Travel Weekly

Join Tourism Australia Down Under this October for Corroboree West 2019! Experience five extraordinary days in Perth followed by an incredible fam trip across Australia. Learn why there's nothing like experiencing the country first-hand, plus join for a chance to win one of three cute quokkas and a case of premium Western Australia wine. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn more.
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