The Hospitality Workforce Webinar

The Hospitality Workforce
The last 18 months have been devastating for the hospitality industry and its workforce, as a result of the impact of the pandemic and the UK exiting the European Union. This potent combination has led to swathes of job losses, staffing shortages and a fundamental shift in the make-up of the sector’s workforce.Using our Analytics database that pools insight from more than 700 companies across the restaurant, QSR, pub, bar and hotel sectors, we’re hosting a webinar with senior figures from across the hospitality industry, to shine a light on our data, highlight the key challenges and identify how the sector is recovering from the pandemic.Take a deep dive into the state of the workforce and find out how you, as an operator, can tackle the challenge.
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What You Need to Know for a Successful Global Mobility Program

Traveling or relocating employees internationally can seem like a daunting prospect for a company. While there can be many steps involved in international mobility, having a strategy and the right information can make the process simple. Join Dan Morris, Director & Counsel at Newland Chase for a session on getting started in global travel.
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Acorn Association Webinar: Google Search vs. Travel

Did you know Google is the #1 provider of bookings for most lodging providers? As Google marketing continues to evolve, successful lodging property owners understand how to adapt to these changes. Today, traditional, organic placement and resulting bookings continue to diminish as Local Google Travel bookings continue to increase. What’s more, traditional SEO has little to do with top visibility in Google Travel. We invite you to attend this session so you can understand the difference and learn strategies to increase your visibility in Google Travel.
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The hotel guest of the future


The hospitality industry is transforming at a record pace, offering new opportunities and experiences for travelers and forward-thinking companies alike to capitalize on and thrive for decades to come.To further understand the drivers of change in hospitality, we partnered with Cornell University and InterContinental Hotels Group to conduct an exclusive study.
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How to attract Chinese travellers to your hotel


More people are travelling now than ever before, because it’s easier and less expensive. Think about budget airlines, accessibility to accommodation and package deals.In just six decades, travel has seen a dramatic rise from a mere 25 million people travelling in 1980 to 2016, where international tourist arrivals reached almost 1.3 billion – and of that, Asian tourism led the growth in international tourist arrivals, proving demand is very strong.
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